Redefining photon detection with SNSPD

Quantum technology is in need of efficient, scalable, fast and secure single photon detectors – and we got them. Our unique approach combines superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPD) with photonic integrated circuits and redefines the way photon detection is handled, achieving better results and broadening the possible applications. Join us as we  revolutionize the industry and push single photon detection in many possible ways.


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The Pixel way of doing things

Our company is as special as our solutions: In no time, we have achieved a revolution in single photon detection and are further pursuing the goal to shape the world of tomorrow. This is only possible as a team and with all the individual competences of each and every one of us.

This is us


"The promises of the second quantum revolution originate in the capacity to manipulate and detect single particles with utmost efficiency, at high speed and at a cost that is not an obstacle to scale beyond lab experiments for real-life disruptive impact. Pixel Photonics is providing this capacity for elements that are crucial in most quantum systems that I know of, detectors for the single quanta of light. Through their own developments and a remarkable capacity to work in syntony with their academic and industrial partners, they’re truly the ultimate enabling company in the emerging quantum industry."

Christophe Jurczak
Founder and partner from Quantonation