One step closer to quantum computing

Quantum computing can be based on different physical systems, such as trapped ions, topological qubits or superconducting circuits. So qubits based on photons are just one possible foundation of the promising technology. Waveguide-integration of a superconducting nanowire single photon detector leads to several advantages to the already well-fitted SNSPDs – bringing us one step closer to realizing quantum computers.

Taking it even further with waveguide-integrated SNSPDs

Waveguide-integration of SNSPDs leads to scalability and robustness, given that photonic elements like beam splitters, directional couplers, modulators etc. can be realized on the same platform together with the single photon detector. Because they are shorter than conventional SNSPDs and maintain an internal quantum efficiency of almost 100 %, waveguide-integrated single photon detectors like our Pixel Photonics Dena series are also much faster.

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