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Lab Scene Chip Fabrication for Single Photon Detector

Pixel Photonics, PASQAL and other partners collaborate to building foundations for photonic quantum computer

Pixel Photonics will collaborate with PASQAL, Sorbonne Université, The Institute of Photonic Sciences and Institut d’Optique Théorique et Appliquée to build the essential foundations for a photonic quantum computer powered by neutral atom technology. The project is funded by the pathfinder 2023 grant of the European Innovation Council.


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25th of August 2023

Funding from Federal Ministry of Education and Research for MultiQomm Project

The Project "Scalable Multichannel Quantum Communication Platform (MultiQomm)" aims for the development of integrating different superconducting single photon detectors with different detector properties and functions on a single chip. Pixel Photonics is committed to pursue the vision of this novel approach. 


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27th of October 2022

Pixel Photonics will deliver single photon detectors as sub-contractor for QuiX in DLR development project

Pixel Photonics is now a sub-contractor in a DLR development project of the dutch start-up QuiX with the goal to develop a photonic quantum computer with a minimum of 64 bits. The project has a duration of four years and Pixel Photonics’ role is the delivery of high performance single photon detectors.


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29th of March 2022

Pixel Photonics raised 1.45 million euros in seed-funding

Pixel Photonics was founded in 2020 and has now successfully raised funds in a seed-round. The German VC fund High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), the French quantum-focused VC fund Quantonation and the photonic industry veteran Dr. Hendrik Sabert granted a 1.45 million euro fund. This enables Pixel Photonics to further improve their waveguide integrated SNSPD technology by expanding the team and enter the market. 


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