A perfect fit: waveguide-integrated single photon detectors in the field of quantum key distribution

As encryption is the foundation of secure communication and classical algorithms are threatened by quantum computers, secure quantum communication is becoming increasingly important. Thus, there is a need for fast and scalable systems that allow highly parallelized wavelength-division multiplexing implementations – just like our Dena single photon detector system does.

The future of communication

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) makes use of light pulses to provide encryption of data over any channel when exchanged between two parties. Since quantum states cannot be copied, quantum communication is very secure.

Enabling large scale QKD networks

Our waveguide-integrated SNSPDs not only provide the sensitivity for the required near-infrared wavelength ranges but also offer a superior signal-to-noise ratio and high detection speeds, increasing the distance between individual QKD nodes. With the ability to fit a large number of detectors into a single system, our solution significantly improves the key rate and overall performance of the QKD node.

Making quantum communication easy

We are part of several initiatives and push research in the field of secure quantum communication. As a partner of QuNET, a German initiative, we are currently developing a mobile quantum receiver for Quantum Key Distribution with several other partners. On the behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research we also lead a project, demonstrating the capabilities of waveguide-integrated single photon detection within a fully integrated multichannel system for QKD.


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