Technological head start in the field of single photon detection

Superconducting nanowire single photon detectors already come with a very high detection efficiency, an excellent timing resolution and a sub Hz dark count rate. What an SNSPD does not normally offer is broadband usability, the ability to pack several photonics circuits at one chip and count rates up to 2 GHz as well as jitter below 30 ps. Fortunately, all of this can be achieved when waveguide-integrating SNSPD – as we do at Pixel Photonics.

Trust is good, in-house development is better

Since not only the single photon detector itself but the whole system is highly relevant for performance, we have chosen to develop cryogenic and electronic solutions for the SNSPD systems ourselves. Hence, we use the advantages of waveguide-integration, embed, if requested, up to 128 detectors in a single chip and thanks to in-house fabrication always ensure that electronics remain low noise.


The result is super efficient, extremely broadband, ultra-low noise and very fast.

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